What Kind of Pet Defines You?

by Werewolves

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    releases 18 April 2015

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Milledge Avenue
When You Were True Metal
Sorry, Cube
All the Rats Abandoning a Sinking Ship
Prometheus (Gets a Tibetan Sky Burial)
Asleep on a Heat Rock
Fort Worth Teen-Scene-a-go-go
Chillin' at L3 (All the Rats reprise)


GPL 2015


releases 18 April 2015

Wyatt Strother with...
Jay Henriques - Guitar, vocals
Ryan Moktowicz - Saxophone, vocals
Emily Green - Violin
Brian Veysey - Trumpet
Raoul de la Cruz - Trumpet
Sam Grindstaff - Vocals

special thanks:
Milledge Avenue, A.H.F.P., Prometheus, and R.F.U.S. drums and bass parts co-written with Brandon Page and Patrick Goral




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Werewolves Athens

Another Athens, GA based Anarcho Pop band.

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Track Name: Morning Person
O God I've got names for all the spiders
Hanging out around my room
We don't destroy those things around here
We think that their lives are precious too

And how they build those webs to catch
Insects that I wouldn't want
Getting in here anyway

O I've spent so much of my adult life
Getting groceries at the ideal time
At 3AM no one gets too close to each other
And there's hardly any lines

But the only lanes they have open are self service
And it makes you feel like a part of the machine

And now if I go to bed when I get home
I'll probably sleep through my alarm
So I ignore what my body wants the most
And hope I don't do too much harm

But I'm filled with envy, rage and spite
When I think about what my life could be like

And I say
"God please grant me the strength
to become a morning person"

Just get out of bed now you're only embarassing yourself
Track Name: A.H.F.P.
Today I met the coolest kid at the used CD store
He had on a band t-shirt and was talking about "Heart of Darkness"
Saying it's required reading but you know that Joseph Conrad
Was a bloody racist and a colonial pig
He wants his lit class to assign "Things Fall Apart"
But he doubts that the schoolboard here would ever let that fly

Today at lunch my best friend Eric came in all upset
Because the singer of our favorite band had shot himself
And he was so freaked out but I just couldn't concentrate
When I noticed from across the room this one kid
Who just happens to be my mom's new husband's nephew
I used to think he was cool but now I'm pretty sure that he does drugs
He's got a Nine Inch Nails style haircut and the way that he dresses
All in black, it makes me think he's gonna shoot up the school

Today I had this vivid and horrible vision that
Inspired me to do a painting for this competition at school
It's got two hands pushing someone down a staircase
In classic auteur Hitchcock perspective
Into a void that stares back into the observer
That's the effect that I was going for
When I filled out the name on the form
All I put down was "A. H. F. P."
I don't spell things out anymore