Morning Person (V. 0​.​1)

by Werewolves



I want everybody who is a fan of this band to know that I'm really grateful and also we are not dead. This is a song that's going to be on our new album (but this is not the version that will appear on the album). The new album is going to be called "What Kind of Pet Defines You?"


O God I've names for all the spiders hanging out around my room, we don't destroy those things around here we think that their lives are precious too and how they build those webs to catch insects that I wouldn't want getting in here anyway

I've spent so much of my adult life getting groceries at the ideal time, at 3 AM no one gets too close to each other and there's hardly any lines, but the only lane they have open are self-service and it makes you feel like a part of the machine

And if I go to bed when I get home I'll probably sleep through my alarm so I ignore what my body wants the most and hope I don't do too much harm but I'm filled with envy, rage and spite when I think about what my life could be like and I say "God please grant me the strength to become a morning person"

(he says)
Just get out of bed now, you're only embarrassing yourself


released 17 June 2014




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