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Hey, my name is Wyatt. I wrote all the lyrics and words on this album except where otherwise noted. I also wrote and recorded all these songs in my room. Thanks for listening. The samples are all used in good faith and fair use and this album will not make any money anyway so don't bother worrying about it.

The photos on the cover and back were taken in Violet Kester's backyard in 2007. The photos in these notes were taken by Chris Parsons during a camping trip that featured Robby Fogarty, Jack Crockett, Kate Sherman, Erin Ling, and Chris and Radian Parsons.

The gang vocals on 1, 3 and 11 were recorded in the living room of the Plush Palace with Allison Jean, Hana Hay, Rose Mauney, KT Austin, Mark Danes, Lonna Vines, Brian Veysey, Kim Ruiz, Ally Smith, Violet Kester, Jay Henriques (sort of, he was grading papers in the kitchen) and Blake Baker

THANKS TO ALL OUR FRIENDS/FAMILY, especially these people: Aki Imai, Jane Applesauce, Ben Morey, Molly Kerker, Kyle Hall, Mitch Duncan, Madeline Ava, Sean Padilla, Spoonboy, Ryan Lewis, Theo Hilton, Daniel Powell, Robby Fogarty, Chris Parsons, Violet Kester, Ally Smith, Kim Ruiz, Winston Scarlett, Chris Clavin, Gordon Lamb, Isobelle Connor, Dain Marx and Hana Hay, Alex Tebleff, Ryan Clover, Stefan Fink, Occupy Athens, all the anarchist and activist kids in Athens that actually get their fingers dirty, everyone at Food Not Bombs Athens, Rose Mauney, Ryan Talty, Spencer Sult, Erin Birgy, Zach Burba, Matt Fu, Forrest Baum, AND EVERYONE ELSE THAT I FORGOT (YOU)

This album is published under the Gnu Public License by the Athens Horse Party in 2012. I don't believe in copyrights and I never will.


released May 1, 2012

Brian Veysey - trumpet, keyboard
Dena Zilber - vocals, accordion
Emily Armond - flute
Jay Henriques - guitar, theremin
Lydia Brambila - violin, glockenspiel
Patrick Goral - drums
Raoul de la Cruz - trumpet
Sam Grindstaff - bass




Werewolves Athens

Another Athens, GA based Anarcho Pop band.

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Track Name: The County Line
"I remember when rock was young" -Elton John
"Take a look at yourself: you're not much use to anyone" -Belle and Sebastian

Think real hard about the shit you're doing, baby
we're all too apathetic to care if your smile is fake
and its all so much to take
when these crocodile tears have replaced all the crocodile rock in your life
anybody denying it is a fake and plenty of them are
when the words to your songs are making you a hypocrite it's time to close up shop my friend
well there was never too much business anyway

and now you're bitter cuz you felt so much less lonely when you didn't have the friends
now all the best songs on the best cds can't fill that void
but who still listens to those things these days?
everything is just affectations about where to drink each night
does it give you perspective on just how sad it is to sleep the clock around
just a little more steam might take you across the county line my friend
and then you might feel fine again but from here on out you're dining in
and I don't know how, no I don't know how to make it seem worth trying
Track Name: Giant Sky (the Universe)
You had a faulty understanding of the permanence of streets and city sidewalks and machines and plants and all you've held inside
there's information in the background of the aether that means everything to voices that think you are just the noise when worlds collide
Beneath a giant sky a cavern in the void between grey eyes that see your history as pixelated artifacts
in an interference pattern that makes dissonance which rises and subsides, and flies into the firmament of
some reincarnation of the planet earth

And could you throw away any significance to holding your ideals like steel like spirits that make living here alive
could you just walk away from lifetimes of considerations about what it mean to give up everything to see your dreams survive
so dive into the pertinence of unrequited love with the universe
like a corpse in an automatic-pilot hearse while still holding on

and this isn't a fall it's a falling out
and you issue your call as a calling out
with a fist up to the sky as you scream it out

gone everything's gone, but I'm still standing aren't I?
Into this world I am alive, I am beautifully surprised
ravenous hunger, I'm a heart, a star, a galaxy, I'm forest trees, blind revelry, birds, cats, love, home and I'm still holding on!

beneath a giant sky a cavern in a void between grey eyes that see entire lives as fragments of a particle of light
you had a faulty understanding of the worthlessness of streets and city sidewalks and machines and plants and all you've held inside, you are a soaring bird that flies into the frame and in between the places that we go when the things we call our bodies have to die

*"Giant Sky" is a phrase taken from the lyrics to Big Dogs by Iji*
Track Name: White Privilege
Alright let me ask you this, who was Crispus Attucks... oh that wasn't on the test? Okay well what started the Montgomery Bus Boycott? Oh that wasn't on the test either? WHo organized the Millon Man March? --They didn't ask, must not be history --That's history. That's black history, it's still American history. But they don't teach you that, no! They don't even want you to think about that! They want you to think about that same old bullshit... Paul Revere and his horse! Betsy Ross stayed up allllll night sewing the flag... when you know that she had slaves!

Born in the ashes of a Carolina castle's faded dream, you grew up blazing in the heat you watched the sun make water gleam
Your mother finally found you old enough to fully undertand when dad was your age Grandpa took him out and had him join the Klan
Life's hard enough to deal with now, You're working just to make it out, the hole you're digging is your own it leads you know where but the ground

And it's a hard road we face and we're climbing uphill in the wind, another child the chosen race, another puppet government, the food upon the counter top, to throw it out would be a sin, when they're still waiting for us, waiting for the final chorus

And it's a hard road we all climb and we're climb it harder every day, the rubble builds up over time no one can clear it all away, and winter cannot save us from this summer of our malcontent, when they're still waiting for us, waiting for the final chorus, waiting for the horns to billow/bellow out... they want to hear you shout...

(False arrests with no hesitation, tragic deaths on misinformation, apathetic fractured relations, turning cheeks to children's starvation, violent forced assimilation, history with no repairations)

That you want us to be free!
Cuz it's a battle we must fight but we'll fight it better hand in hand, I'll put you out if you ignite, I'll smother all the flames in sand, and I still love you either way, but other people need love more, when the whole city's burning you help your friends march right out to the shore
But it don't mean war... unless they ask for it to be
It's just the love that people show, it's children learning to believe, this is the food they need to grow, it's generosity received, you were born in the same place, you were born a child of love and peace

Let me tell you something, when were kids my father would take us to the ball game, he would not let us stand up for the Star Spangled Banner. He said that song was a lie. He said it was only written for a certain group of people and it's not us.
Track Name: Voices I
This sample is my friend Aki Imai reading an excerpt from a paper written by Larry M. Leitner published in 2010 titled "The integral universe, experiential personal construct psychology, transpersonal reverence, and transpersonal responsibility," from the book Studies in Meaning: Exploring Constructivist Psychology Vol. 4 (pp. 227-246). New York: Pace University Press.

Bill presented with classic PTSD symptoms after a tour in Iraq.
While deployed, Bill drove an armored vehicle. At the time, the
resistance in Iraq utilized a strategy of sending a small child into
the road in front of an American convoy. When the lead vehicle
for the convoy stopped in order not to run over the child, the
rest of the convoy would have to stop, and the resistance would
attack. So American drivers were told that, in the future, when
a child is in the road in front of them, to not even slow down in
order to protect the convoy. Bill drove over one of those children
and was haunted by his action, hence his PTSD symptoms.

I would like to make two points here. First, I think Bill’s
symptoms clearly can be understood as a consequence of our
not revering humanity in general. Rather than seeing people
who disagree with us as having a legitimate alternative position,
we see them as the “enemy” to be destroyed. We do not think
of them as fathers and husbands, mothers and wives, or little
children. Hence we find ourselves in a conflict where Bill
winds up being diagnosed as mentally ill. This leads me to my
second point. Who is the mentally ill person here: Bill, who is
haunted by what he did, or some other driver who can run over
a little child and not be haunted by his action (or the people
who ordered Bill and others to engage in such actions)? (Or the
culture that puts its young people in the position of needing to
make such orders?)
Track Name: Organic Organ
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Track Name: I'm an Archaeologist
I wonder when your birthday is, I know that it's in September but the kids in my class all laughed at me when I said that was all I could remember and I guess some people don't share their history. Some people don't want pictures in the press. So we shrug off those conventions, we don't go after the glory, we just keep to ourselves and let the iniquisitive guess about what we're like. They'll wonder, they'll wonder what we're like

So I made my way back home, like an Archaeologist determined to uncover my past and found myself in a small room. What are we having for dinner? is all I managed to ask and with some lights on the wall, some tinsel but no clamoring to set the silence free, til I heard your father begin to speak, and I diverted my gaze into the Christmas tree as he told me, take nothing for granted, don't be afraid to cherish every beautiful thing that you find, cuz nobody really knows when the rapture is coming, and you don't want to end up left behind

On some unpaved road in Augusta, he turns and looks your mother straight in the eyes as he tells her that he loves her, and that was the same year that he found out she was going to die and I wonder what he felt

So a few decades later we find ourselves on opposite sides of a restaurant booth and I heard you mention something about your first wife, and that was something that I never knew and staring into the table I could feel my humiliation broadcasting out into the air, as I sat there just quiet and wondering, how much more of your history is just wandering around out there?

And I wonder what she's like, I wonder what she's like
Track Name: Letter to Jill
*When I moved into a house on Chase St called "the Plush Palace" the house next to us was abandoned and a colony of bats was living in the attic. I'm really fascinated by bats and I thought living next to them was the coolest thing ever. I was planning on recording them when they all flew out at night by the hundreds looking for food but guess what -- I kept putting it off and one day I came home and the house was sealed up and fumugated. All the bats were dead and I don't know what they did with the corpses. But it just goes to show you never know what you've got until it's gone*

Did you want to be forgotten? did you think it mattered not?
Did you fight for what you've got? So sing into your kitchen pots and pans, write poems to sing outside? Point the owls out where they hide

I'd look for bats somedays, we were both just out looking for a friend who'd stay, you lived like you were young until your hair turned grey. And are you motivated now? Will it all be over soon? Do you feel alone staring blankly at the moon?

So fight for healthcare in your town, make a painting every day, don't throw anything away, you're mythologized today, a hero to your friends, you'll live on inside of them

I told you everything in a letter that I never sent the tides will bring your heart out to the ocean you're remembering, sink into the darkest depths, your fragile voice a promise kept to you and all you love... Jill, they'll write your name in the stratus clouds above

Now I look for birds these days, imagining I'd hang on every word you'd say, you wouldn't be afraid you boldly led the way, held your breath, descended into empty space and ended, and I meant every word I wrote, Jill I'd die for you and I want you to know

Did you want to be forgotten? Did you think it mattered not? Did you know that you're the reason? the reason we all fought
Track Name: Lost in the Mandelbox
When he set sail 'cross the strait of an evening with nothing to do, somehow he failed to notice the stormy weather, and it's been bad before but now it seems worse than ever and he wants, to find the edge of the ocean some eternal and remorseless decaying watery horizon, and it's somewhere in the tesselated scene he's got his eyes on, what he sees when he lifts up the screen, some infernal machine that reports what it finds in your mind, it's perpetually unraveling in a backwords timeline where you unlearn everything and don't know who you are, and it's somewhere he's never been to but he hasn't gotten far it's still inside the apartment, there's a busted coffee table to the left, and the mail's piled up and nobody's done the dishes and the abyss that' staring back at you is all in your head

And all the fractals forming the shapes of people's faces, like the corniest posters at the head shop, like the blandest cliches, and you wonder when you die will it feel the same way, like all we are is recycled and predictable and there's not really any freedom in even going insane and when it all comes down to it you can't break out of the prison but it still feels like a miracle to be standing in the rain
Track Name: Glasses (Life as a Total Bummer Fest)
*This song is named after an ill fated trip to Gainesville that only me and Jay remember but that's not what the actual song is about. It was just fresh on my mind when I wrote named the song and seemed to make sense*

Glasses, I'm sorry I missed you when I came down through your state in the spring, into my home town I was so confused so I stayed home and didn't do anything, cuz we're all ghosts we're shadows on pavement walking down th estreet at 2:17 and it's dark and cold so zip up your jacket let's get something to drink, and let's have fun
Cuz we're too young, but you were confused I heard he had you crying there on the floor, and I know that it's bullshit. Cuz you're stronger than diamonds you've got friends in every town you've been in, that you've sung inside of, so let's hear you sing now, you know it's a sham there's no one running the stage, and you wrote that song about the stubborn and skinny kids who just want you to remember their names it's got a great refrain, but I wrote a letter I wrote a manifesto for our age we've got nothing to lose when we all realize nobody really lasts that long

And you know it's a sham because you're making me blue, and yeah you know it's a sham cuz you don't know to do, and yeah you know it's a sham what your friends say isn't true, and yeah you know it's a sham, I never wanted to bother you, and you know it's a sham, they want you to stay in school, and you know it's a sham, nobody's really that cool, and you know it's a sham they cry themselves to sleep too sometimes.
Track Name: Georgia
Who were you that said I only sing the saddest things you know, well I'm not waving any banners I do not signal to give up hope, I sing those saddest things to frogs outside and let those stories echo out over the water there's a spark that's glowing out there and this is how it grows.

And who were you that said you bet you know just all about me and I'm one of those ungrateful kids who don't appreciate his family, well I bet you don't know half the things that you would bet on, I have nothing but love for everyone in my whole family, cuz my history is everything that taught me who to be, so when I sing into that shadow I am not doing it mournfully, cuz the hardest things to talk about can't haunt you if you're brave, and all the scariest remembrances cannot undo the progress made, so into that darkness sing all the darkest things that you can see, cuz learning not to be afraid is the hardest part of learning to be free

And who were you that was just screaming at me with hot vitriol, and that dusk lit parking lot, outside the VFW hall, well I'm not moving to Venezuela, I don't even speak that language and this is not a confrontation this is me and you and everything because this is Georgia and this is where I come from, these are the hills of dirt and clay that I have sprung from, and I'm not intimidated by the secrets that we try to hide, all the treasures I've had plundered for me through slavery and genocide, so let me die here in this land I love if I cannot give it all back to everyone, and I will do what I can to do what I believe is right, no matter what already has been done
Track Name: I'm a Hospital
"The shit that you've been through is the reason you're you" -Your Heart Breaks
"I am the world spinning around inside of you... I'm building a Pet Cemetery inside of your heart" -Foot Ox

--Oh these are the Glengary Glen Ross auditions --I'm aware of that, I'm here to audition for the role of Ricky Roma --Well that part is traditionally played by a man --Oh yes but with all of the nontraditional casting going on in the theater these days, I thought you might be interested in seeing me

I stared in the darkest corners just for fun, I took acid and confronted my own sanity and won, I sparked smoke signals with a broken shaving razor blade
And I spray painted "smash the state" on a corporate chain, and "fuck patriarchy" on the wall I pass by every day when I'm driving to work in the morning
And I get a little more excited each new day, a little more nostalgic every time somebody moves away, a little older each time my address changes
And I still get freaked out when I remember that the father of my sisters is the man that beat my mother and my, heart breaks for her and all of those times I heard her screaming

And I saw something staring from across the parking lot, I took pictures of my wooden ceiling fan because I though someone was sending me a message through it's orientation
And I found out secrets that I wasn't meant to know, and I feel guilty that I know you were molested but you're so inspiring to me and I wish I could thank you
And I don't worry anymore whether or not I am insane, I know that we've all got the same hearts and just slightly different brains, so why am I so scared to tell my male friends that I love them?
And I tried to be the pink ranger but my father he forbid it, I cried everyday in school and he just wanted me to quit it, I still have the letter he wrote to me after I tried to kill myself

And I get a little more excited each new day, a little more nostalgic every time somebody moves away, a little older each time my address changes
And I love every single second I'm alive and I wanna give you every single second til I die, I'm learning to believe that I am capable of being loved

I think I bring a lot of vulnerability and fragility to the role that -quite frankly- Mr. Al Pacino missed!
Track Name: Voices II/Ghosts of the Mesozoic

This is a commencement speech made at SUNY Geneseo by a guy named Joe Diaz. Joe got arrested at Emory in Atlanta last year and there's a video of it. I used some clips of the cops screaming stuff and slowed them down to sound like demons in the background. I wanted everyone to hear what somone that the cops treated like garbage sounds like when he's given the change to speak his mind. These are the dangerous things he has to say


As I sifted through sand that I silenty guarded, regarded by some that the surface had hardened the weather is changing, clouds start to move, the skyline is thunderous and has something to prove and we're reminded of our tininess while towering above is the vengance of a god that was supposed to have loved us but left you there, out on the road with no cover while the rain was all raining down over you, lover of solitude, same path you've never forsaken where every fork is the same road not taken and it leads to your future like a forced destination in a structured solemnity of alienation in and alien nation but a natural born, you're a highly sought trophy a last unicorn in a series of serious and mysterious extinctions, a barrage of burials all without distinction and you ran all the way home with tears in your eyes

And it's no surprise the apathy always is eating you alive, like the ghost of a dinosaur too ghastly to thrive and this modern day world of connected computers, proprietary pharmaceuticals and unaffordable sutures and the lights in the sky don't signal the ending, just a gaping and festering wound never mending in an absence of ozone, a zone of destruction and the place where you're buried needs no introduction, induction in a vessel perpetually floating in a sea full of plastic too toxic for hoping to swim in again when you know it'd be sinful to write your name in the sand when it's all just expendable

*This song references a lot of things about our world, including the film "The Last Unicorn" and a famous poem by Robert Frost."
Track Name: Voices III
This is from a lecture by Slavoj Zizek entitled "The Reality of the Virtual" check it out. order the DVD from
Track Name: Long Creek Bridge
Walk me home, the bars have all closed down and I'm all alone, or drive me far, the night seems distant through the windows of your car, I wanted something substantial, do your friends determine who you are? Let's go outside, drink meaning into the frame and then let it slide, if I were you I'd turn invisible like all the crickets in the night, were they singing you a kind of elegy? That would be cool but we'll have to wait to learn how to play it

I saw someone I knew hitchhiking along the Long Creek Bridge on 78, on some far distant night in a THC haze he asked me trivia it was great, but you know that I was paralyzed with fear, I wish I had stopped too say "Hey, we're still friends!"

"If my heart was a plant, it would desire you to sing to it, to listen when it communicates its needs through the color of its leaves and the dryness of its soil. If your heart was a plant, my roots and leaves would slowly and carefully reach out to meet you. Our hearts would remain independent, our roots intertwined."

SO I learned to play a kind of dirge for thee, we can sing it together if we wait... wait... wait...

Okay. 2! 3! 4!

I saw someone I knew hitchhiking along the Long Creek Bridge on 78 though I didn't stop to pick them up I know we could've talked til it got late, you're not defined by your friends but sometimes it can still hurt when you notice they're all hurting too, we've gotta share such a small town so let's keep it in a saturated hue.