Song for Chase St

by Werewolves



"Song for Chase St AKA Nick C and the Dream of Houses" was written in response to a guy that bought and flipped our house. We can't live in our house anymore because of him and it sucks and we wanted him to know why it sucks because it kinda feels like he's from another world and will never understand. Oh well, at least we got a song out of it.


We give our houses names oh yeah
we give our houses names
But you don't name anything with words
You just give it a dollar sign
You'll never know how warm we feel
When we hear our house's name

And at night we have wet dreams oh yeah
At night we have wet dreams
While you just sleep and you toss and you turn
Cuz you'll never know how peaceful it feels
not to care whether you're rich or poor when you die

so you pretend to be like us oh you
Pretend to be like us
But we would never even dream of doing such an evil thing
We'll let you wonder how it feels
When your friends all have your back

And we're never really gonna leave oh yeah
We're never really gonna leave
We'll just pack up and take it down the street
They'll have to send the cops
To arrest us for singing super loud bout
How much we love where we live

So when you dream of being a landlord
When you dream of being a landlord
Just know that your dream is throwing people on the street
to turn a profit and one day
all you will feel is sad as hell
Cuz that's exactly what you are


released February 7, 2013
Wyatt - Banjo, words
Dena - Singin'
Gang Vox:
(Some of these kids were train hoppers that I've never seen before or since so apologies if y'all's names are spelled wrong (just kiddin'))
Rose Dasher
Katy Batsel
Susan Mongerson
Phil Jasen
David Bufkin
Bree D'Avis
Connor Hamm
Abi Lambert
Susie St. Charles
Mikee Pruett
Tony Presley




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Another Athens, GA based Anarcho Pop band.

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