What Kind of Pet Defines You?

by Werewolves

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GPL 2015


released April 18, 2015

Wyatt Strother with...
Jay Henriques - Guitar, vocals
Ryan Moktowicz - Saxophone, vocals
Emily Green - Violin
Brian Veysey - Trumpet
Raoul de la Cruz - Trumpet
Sam Grindstaff - Vocals

special thanks:
Milledge Avenue, A.H.F.P., Prometheus, and R.F.U.S. drums and bass parts co-written with Brandon Page and Patrick Goral




Werewolves Athens

Another Athens, GA based Anarcho Pop band.

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Track Name: Morning Person
O God I've got names for all the spiders
Hanging out around my room
We don't destroy those things around here
We think that their lives are precious too

And how they build those webs to catch
Insects that I wouldn't want
Getting in here anyway

O I've spent so much of my adult life
Getting groceries at the ideal time
At 3AM no one gets too close to each other
And there's hardly any lines

But the only lanes they have open are self service
And it makes you feel like a part of the machine

And now if I go to bed when I get home
I'll probably sleep through my alarm
So I ignore what my body wants the most
And hope I don't do too much harm

But I'm filled with envy, rage and spite
When I think about what my life could be like

And I say
"God please grant me the strength
to become a morning person"

Just get out of bed now you're only embarassing yourself
Track Name: Milledge Avenue
Run as fast as you can to let the driver know
you wanna get on the bus
At least at some level human communication
is still fairly clear to us

So many identical uniforms running along
with unfamilliar faces, you will never find one
You could possibly recognize so pretend every jogger
is on their first and last run

Why do they all remind you of "They Live?"
Clutching at slave-made personal devices
And trying to find a sense of praxis or agency
Well they should drop out of school
Maybe everyone should drop out of school

When from an aerial view it looks like ants on a farm
Ambling masses herded into carcerial roles
And emerging indebted and broken
The next generation of imperial assholes

Just like that man on the stage hurling sexist abuse
At the women in the crowd for a joke
He gets up the next day to teach political science
Well he can go fuck himself,
maybe all our teachers should get fucked

With the mayor and the ACCPD and
President Adams and the whole Walton family

Now you can't stay out too late gotta be up at 6
But hey it's something, at lest you're not stuck down in the
Mud and brick houses across from the towers of prestige
The residents will never see the inside of

And they know we'll never truly build neighbors
Til we own our houses and we've toured on the West Coast
We'll never figure out trust and forgiveness
We're too busy chasing imaginary carrots
And running in the same place like a hamster caught in a wheel
Well we should all quit our jobs
Maybe everyone should just quit their job

And by the time you get home it feels like being in love
While suffocating and trapped under a boulder
We shouldn't have to cut one of our limbs off
Let's move the revolutionary graffiti
Out of the bathrooms so to where they can't help but see it
Cuz if they ever finish that road that you walk down
From the place you were alive to the fields of Purgatory
They should call it "Milledge Avenue"
That would definitely be the right name for it
Track Name: When You Were True Metal
Think back when you were still true metal
You knew where the raw power of music comes from
No orchestration save for symphonic strings
No relief from the pounding double kick drum

Don't we all have this persecution complex?
Don't we all sometimes long to invert the cross?
Don't you want all this sadness justified?
So lament the pagan rituals that we've lost

But now it feels you lack focus
Your aims all too diffuse
Not like when you had a fetish doll
With some McGuffin to chase down
The story picks up the pace
Discontent in the form of an artist
Paint brushed skin and all

Think back when you first heard twee pop
Some grotesque custom found only in a foreign land
North-Western Coast or across the Atlantic
Who knows what power these strange voices command?

Don't we all feel this seething rage?
Don't we all hate what threatens the things we love?
Don't we all wanna foment rebellion
regardless of what the new order consists of?
Track Name: Sorry, Cube
Operator, put me through
to the nearest bike cops who can come and pick me up
I'm just staring at the road
pondering the driver who I could give a rough day to
And I'm even thinking of
breaking veg to get myself a cheeseburger
Cuz why not if this is all
my belief system's gotten me so far
I'm so past the edge it's like
"What the fuck ever I'm so cold, y'all can call me Ice Cube
Anybody tries to fuck with me
You know the police are gonna have to come and get me"
Track Name: A.H.F.P.
Today I met the coolest kid at the used CD store
He had on a band t-shirt and was talking about "Heart of Darkness"
Saying it's required reading but you know that Joseph Conrad
Was a bloody racist and a colonial pig
He wants his lit class to assign "Things Fall Apart"
But he doubts that the schoolboard here would ever let that fly

Today at lunch my best friend Eric came in all upset
Because the singer of our favorite band had shot himself
And he was so freaked out but I just couldn't concentrate
When I noticed from across the room this one kid
Who just happens to be my mom's new husband's nephew
I used to think he was cool but now I'm pretty sure that he does drugs
He's got a Nine Inch Nails style haircut and the way that he dresses
All in black, it makes me think he's gonna shoot up the school

Today I had this vivid and horrible vision that
Inspired me to do a painting for this competition at school
It's got two hands pushing someone down a staircase
In classic auteur Hitchcock perspective
Into a void that stares back into the observer
That's the effect that I was going for
When I filled out the name on the form
All I put down was "A. H. F. P."
I don't spell things out anymore
Track Name: All the Rats Abandoning a Sinking Ship
Rats crawl in the subway tunnels
Through the filth on which they feed
Water rising to the ceiling
Wonder what it's like to breed
Dark and musty places I have been before
I traveled underground
And then the vengance came
I listened trying to hear the echos sound

Weapons manufacturer drives home to feed
The kids and wife
Economic think tanks wonder what it's like
To end a life
As far off children, hospitals, get blown up
A whole continent away
The business sector in Manhattan
Rings the bell on a new day

I believed in monsters as a child
Under my bed they hid
Don't open the closet door
I heard it say my name, it did

My friends I just got back from this labyrinth
I was trapped inside for several years
I grew so lachrymose I filled the goblet up
And he drank my tears
This lonely minotaur who lurks there still
Smoking bowls to ease his mind
How he resembles me, superficially
If only cuz I carry a great axe all of the time
Track Name: Prometheus (Gets a Tibetan Sky Burial)
Sun comes up a rooster calls you on the phone
Sun comes up to tell you that you're on you own
As you pull yourself up by the collar
One more day for one more dollar
Sun goes down and night and you really feel alone

So listen for the rhythm that your blood demands
Listen for the beat on which your chest expands
Hear the voice that bellows out
What's inside of you through your mouth
Swear upon the body part for which it stands
Give up all your insides when you say goodbye
Donate all the meat within you to the sky
Angels from the heavens lift you up
From whence you came
Cuz every living thing on earth gets eaten when we die

So talk back to the clock that has control of you
Throw out all the clocks that tell you what to do
Leave behind that cell phone and just ride your bike away
Saying no I will not go down with the sun today

Prometheus I don't know what to do
If you stole fire from them then maybe I can too
Prometheus it's all becoming clear
it's not within our nature to be so goddamn insincere
Track Name: R.F.U.S.
The kids at the show are jumping off of the stage
And landing in Pepsi ads it's Generation X
Y, Z and more
Security guards are getting tough and aggro
While Krist Novoselic gives a lecture on anarchy
To the ones who end up on the stage

No one remembers how they got up there
But we'll make damn sure they never wind up there again
My investments need protecting
I hear them pounding at tthe gates and it's blowing in the wind

Now it's all tangled up in broadcast stations
Clear Channel properties, BMI ASCAP licensing
You'll never make it on the radio
The kids are all hungry for a New Jack dress code
And yeah we'll oblige them, it's all under control
Reigned in at the mall

We'll bury the ones that we have to
Another youth revolt led by braindead procrastinators
If we don't learn from the past now
The wrong kind of people might learn something from it later

You're lying to yourself if you still think that it will save you
Wires and computers no salvation for your rebel soul

Now you think we're scared cuz of your indie pages?
Don't make me laugh you wouldn't know thing one about
The fire that we're playing with
We've got old money and legislation
You've got a day job that's rapidly getting old
We'll see just where you run to
When the wolves are all out and you can't
Hide within the fold

Revolutionary Fervor Unit Shifter?
Oxymoron, oxidation, bad tongue twister
You're lying to yourself if you still think that it will save you
Salvation is not on the internet
Track Name: Asleep on a Heat Rock
I'm a made up soap star
They call me Sassy Alexander
I'm a middle name married to a beloved
Childhood pet
Sassy got outside one day
Your neighbor's mom ran her over
One life ends and in doing so
Brings together two lifelong friends
But how the spirit got out
Running down the street
Trailing blood behind it
Walking up and begging for your food

What kind of pet defines you?
The ferret's name was Shodda
Like vodka or whiskey
Shodda went home with a classmate
She never made it back from the winter break

What kind of pet defines you?
What kind of pet defines you?
What do you put up with taking care of?
What would you clean up after if you had to?

I knew a girl who had and iguana
And a shaved head, she was punk rock and tough as nails
She got a tattoo on her arm
Before it was mainstream

Repeat Chorus

I fall asleep on a heat rock because there's no sunlight in my room
Track Name: Fort Worth Teen-Scene-a-go-go
They were teenagers at the same time my parents were
All dressed up in frills and lace just like across the pond
Making up the lesser side of the dallas fort worth hyphenation
I'll show you photographs and you'll wonder what planet
They were taken on

But we still know all of their band names so
Who will be laughing last?
The Cynics, the Elite, or Larry and the Blue Notes?
All your present day perspective
Can't hold a candle to the past

And you can still recall the ever present lacking
Driving down Washington Rd wishing your city were more avant garde
And you wil never hear the garages that preceded you
All these tired parents make you wonder why you tried so hard

So you can go into a premature burn out
And contempalte heroin chic as an aesthetic choice
And self sabotage your entire life just for the hell of it
Wear dark sunglasses and a hat and never raise your voice
Or you can just shake off all the ego investments
All the social regulations and remember what you always knew
There's not some authority on what art gets to be meaningful
We're all in this together and I'm on the same side as you

The editors of Pitchfork are all self deluded jerks
That book on Belle and Sebastian was terrible
The kid who reviewed your record was just 19
That isn't old enough to know shit about anything
Track Name: Chillin' at L3 (All the Rats reprise)
We learned so much about the past from this city
How we sought it out and felt majestic in the evening air
Young and alive and still impressed by tall buildings
We saw the ptolemaic solar system spinning round up there
And you were my passenger the whole ride home
You were the music that helped me stay awake all night
You were the air so thick and warm and comforting
Crank the heat up when it gets cold
Smother my face and I feel all right

And in my sleep I still seek out your forgiveness
Feel it washing over me in cold waves of submission
but in my waking dreams I can absolve myself
If only I had the strength
So in place of the existential crises
Instead of my histrionics and pretension
I'll just chill out at the L3 Lagrange point
On the other side of the sun

You can't see me way out here
No you can't see me
The light obscures your vision
So you will never see me
No matter how hard you look

And I'm still struck by those rats in the subway
How their whole universe was built up by some arcane force
And their indifference to the transit authority
Gives me that same feeling of warmth

And they can't see me way out here
And they can't smell me
They don't give their ass about the outside world
They'll never feel the heat of the sun

And we all still live together in some way