Beast With Modest Nature

by Werewolves

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Joshua Goodrich
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Joshua Goodrich been loving on this band since 2012. even was able to see them perform at PIX 2012! (finally retiring my shirt) Wyatt has a voice that is simutaneously calming yet chilling and even haunting in some songs! love this band! i really hope that you aren't done making tunes!


This EP is a taste of things to come. Look for another collection of songs in the same vein later this year. All songs written by Wyatt and Werewolves. Words by Wyatt.


released March 30, 2013

Dena Zilber - Vocals, Accordion, Keyboard, Glockenspiel
Wyatt Strother - Vocals, Banjo, Keyboard, Guitar, Melodica, Percussion
Patrick Goral - Drums
Brandon Page - Bass
Jay Henriques - Guitar
Brian Veysey - Trumpet, Flugelhorn




Werewolves Athens

Another Athens, GA based Anarcho Pop band.

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Track Name: Wonder-Badgers
What if I lived my whole life swimming underwater, holding my breath waiting to rise over the surf but I am only dreaming when I feel the air above the ocean and I'm still waiting for my lungs to burst? Am I still waiting for my lungs to burst?

And what if floating creatures infiltrated the whole world like in that farmhouse in Kentucky long ago, would you question everything and give up all of your possessions because of shadows drifting by your bedroom window? Shadows drifting by your bedroom window...

Into the sea get swallowed by the undertow and relive as the ooze you wanted to be, and unto the sun..

Give thanks to this circuitous Ouroboros who's never undone, give thanks for this perplexing gift a tangled cord that we've never unstrung, give thanks for this most precious gift a perpetual song that's never not been sung

What if I lived my whole life inside a different species hunting prey on the forest floor instead of paying rent and never realizing how much ambiguity exists or do they wonder where the life in the dead went? Do badgers wonder where the life of the dead went? Do badgers wonder where the dead life went?
Track Name: Charles's First Tattoo
I climbed aboard the bandwagon just to catch a ride out of town, when they won't give you any hours then why bother hanging around? and you can sublet anything that can't be buried underground so I get lost sometimes when I'm tired of being found

And I tried to write a poem to remember how it was but every line that I came up with just ended in a cuss and it always makes me sick when I try writing on the bus. I'm still nauseous but don't let me make a fuss

And I could talk about the particles but it's all been done before. And the science of loneliness is always such a bore. And if I say I'm an electron what the hell is that proving except nobody ever really knows where I am but they can clearly observe that I am moving

And I thought maybe a camp out would bring some clarity but there's nothing in the forest you can't see on DVD and this is the land of garbage so forget about the free. Now I feel like firewood, someone snap me in between two trees

And songs about astronomy it's all been done to death, and I'll never see space anyway because I can't hold my breath, and I thought about your tattoo but what else would rhyme except "Everything Near Becomes Distant as the universe expands over time"
Track Name: Sleep Paralysis
The other day when the vacuum cleaner started talking it said to me "I don't like the way that this floor tastes" so I pulled the cord from the wall and threw it back in the closet and now I wait just to see if this fridge has something to say. I'm tired of waiting for these pills to kick in... so I take a walk outside but I don't recognize these houses at all

Sometimes I leave a little note for myself, it looks better when I use a high lighter. I know it was something important but I can't read my own handwriting now

The other day when I walked down to the video store you were there trying to tell me not to get a dog and across the street the Secret Squirrel had mysteriously vanished and nobody had the slightest idea where it got to. Then I let go, I break from this scene and try climbing out of bed, hopefully for the last time I crawl out of my bed. Oh god please let this be the last time.

I can never remember what that rabbit had to say to me and the notes that I wrote to remind myself, I can hardly ever read and I know that it was something kind of important and I know I probably just need to get some sleep.
Track Name: Toynbee's Idea in Kubrick Movie 2001
You told all about the way that you want to be remembered. I found your diary in a secret language but I inferred you only feel like you're corporeal when somebody's eyes are looking at you

Once an alien came to earth to start a band, made some friends here but no one else could ever understand all the music chords and notes the lyrics to the songs it wrote, they said "you're just trying too hard to fit in" so it left them all a goodbye: "This is not the only plane that I exist in"

When the Jupiter Mission finds the monolith they will need the Tower of Babel to decode the meaning and to make it obvious. Until then we will wait and just try to feel fine, get too high and realize you can't read anybody's mind, with nothing to give I've got no faith left for the Lord, because I put it all in the space between my smile and yours
Track Name: Halloween on a Weak Knight
You learn not to question the psychology inside the head. Don't open up this horse's mouth. It's a gift that I am giving to cover up the pathos, trust me you don't want to see the maggots decompose the flesh

When a bucket full of vomit means you had a good time, stomach reminds you not to trust desire and lusting for the one dressed as your memory of a cartoon, hiding in a cowboy hat and boots it was a lie

Disassociation is just like necrotizing fasciitis, it's terrifying that either one it exists spreading irreparable damage to everything they touch. I can't believe some people out there could be suffering so much

Stomach tells the body - drink more water, find more food today. Follow your desires but first just listen to what they really have to say

I keep sleeping on the floor and pretending it's a bed with my eyes in the direction of the airplanes overhead. Can't they carry me off to Scotland or some place far away I swear I won't be scared to sing "there's this one girl out there that I need" someday