Someday We'll Live in the Forest

by Werewolves

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Released by the Athens Horse Party on 3/20/2010


released March 20, 2010

Musicians include...
Marie Uhler - drums
Jake Ward - bass, pots and pans
Jay Henriques - guitar, singing saw
Daniel Powell - djembe, harmonica
Wyatt Strother - banjo, words, casio, piano, glockenspiel, melodica, whistle, misc percussion, feedback
Emily Armond - flute
Ian Rickert - clarinet
Raoul de la Cruz - trumpet
John Fernandes - violin, clarinet, bass clarinet

Additional singing by...
Marie Uhler, Jake Ward, Jay Henriques, Robby Fogarty, James Crockett, Charles Walker, Kate Schoenke, Emily Armond, Colby Carter, Julian Bozeman, Aaron Gentry and Sam Grindstaff

Artwork by...
Violet Kester




Werewolves Athens

Another Athens, GA based Anarcho Pop band.

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Track Name: Someday We'll Live in the Forest
(falling off, I fell off the horse) You were alone you were tired you were shown, you were dead on your feet you were gone you were known, you were scared you'd admit when you wanted something from me, you were tired devoted and afraid wanting to be free, I was dumb I was blind I was lost, I was scared, I was sheathed, I was hidden in frost, I was brass, I was bold, I was out on the line, I was foul and corrosive, we need time
Track Name: Sorry, Phil
I was back here in the place where this all happened to me, I heard you talking in both of my ears at once and you told me it would be alright, but I know you never wanted to and it's so presumptuous of me and I'm so sorry I should just let you speak and not try to assert myself

Everything was symbolic the chicken wire and sheet metal the trees fell down the ground was flooded and the dirt was wet, I walked around in a circle and never found just what I wanted, I never got myself to cry, maybe because of you

But the trees took pictures of me and I used them to display how somber and serious I am, but I'll never show anyone the pictures they took where you could see how much I tried

You sung me to sleep again and when I woke up it wasn't the same, and now I've projected too much and can never get things back the right way, I can still recall when I didn't even know your name and I would laugh at things you would say and now they mean everything

But I still remember the first time when it all started to make sense, that's the feeling I wanted back but when I went it wasn't there, I walked around in a circle and never found just what I wanted, I never got myself to cry
Track Name: We Robots
Pieces of my body create the most complex things, but they'll never know the light of joy that touching you could bring, and there's things inside my body that took ages to design, but the structure of my skeleton's a place you can't reside

Pieces of my body made from plastic, glue and steel form the only temple without the capacity to feel, and those resistors inside me resist all the tempting things but they'll never know the light of pain that fucking you could bring

And I think it's true that there are things that we will never ever know, but the light of your experience would make my circuits blow

Whoa whoa whoa
There are things that not even computers really know
Track Name: I'm a Cat
Write yourself a book about me, I'm all you ever will be, a cat who plays guitar, and talks to birds and climbs in their trees, and finds them something to eat, is this really all you are? Or do you think you'll ever be enough to live without me?

And 100 colors and numbers and pages and letters and music you replay for ages and parties and presents in some cheap apartment and things that you keep inside your glove compartment and cartoons you've written and some that you haven't and sometimes you read things that make you feel sadder and things you don't talk about with all your friends until you've given up and the crisis begins and then all that you have is a song that you can't sing out loud

And all that you have is a song that you can't sing and you gotta keep checking to make sure the hospital isn't listening, and your house is filled with people who never thought of you as their friends and you've got no self medication and the crisis never ends and I'm just a cat in a tree and I'm you so you write about me

And you are a cat by yourself, and it's sad that I know that it's me and I'll never be anything else
Track Name: Kill Everything
Nobody is ever gonna love you because you have nothing to give and there is no poetry to make it all feel better and there won't be a song or painting to give you some reason you should live but I heard you were working on a few words, some verses to show what we'll miss when you're gone, but you can't even write a song without stealing someone else's and every story that you've written just goes on and on and on and on and on and someday some stupid girl will save you but she won't know what I do and ultimately you will just make her live to regret it and I will watch someone beautiful end up just like you

Someday when you are sleeping I'll find things you've been keeping somewhere you thought was secret and I'll take it and keep it from you, you don't deserve this, all that you've done is worthless, you kill everything that you touch
Track Name: Noises
You will lay to rest inside my heart and I won't leave you alone
Track Name: Corpses (Say You're Okay)
Cut my arms in half, and feed me to the hungry dogs they're waiting teething, do try not to laugh when they are my bones my blood my body bleeding and say you're okay, say you'll be okay

Are we gonna get sold out? Is my body just a shell for the luxury of greed? You'll have to scream so loud to wake me up from my coma I'm consigned to my conceit, are we gonna just float down to the Styx where we'll let our corpses swim away, away?

Say you're okay, say you'll be okay
Track Name: Ally Smith (Being There)
oh my god, i'm gonna die alone, it's something everybody has known for as long as i've been writing songs and singing them to all of my friends, but while there was someone who quietly listened in / she sits alone at the back of the room, at least that's what i assume, we haven't talked in a while and that's not gonna change, but if i saw here smile again i might try to regain that friend who liked all my music, i keep telling myself one day i will do it and we will look out our windows to sunlight / and if i called you again could you even pretend that you still had faith in me? that you still could believe that i'd be there some day, you don't have to tell me that i'm gonna be okay, i've learned how to pass time by imagining what i would find if we could look out our windows to sunlight / if we were there then there would be nothing but water refracting the light in the air and you would be playing guitar with me singing out LA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA / if we were there then we would imagine the way you look with the wind blowing your hair, so elegantly charming, disheveled and i'd not dare think about what it was like when i was dying alone, LA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA / ally, you're going to be there with somebody else
Track Name: Two Weeks
Are we gonna fall back down? Into the ground i will be home because i couldn't make it, couldn't be him, couldn't be someone you need to be there, so give me the orders and i will undo, metabolize sleep just for you i'll get used to it / if we get out of tonight i will resign myself unto you wholly, as i let you into sleep my heart will pump blood scalding my chest and poisoning me, watching you breathe i haven't ever felt so motionless, petrify me, i fall to the ground, i break apart on your skin wanting to sink in / oh i will watch as you rise and you fall like the lungs in your chest are balloons, make me cry, reaching my hand across delicate, pressurized skin you wake and see me there / nothing is moving in my mind we're stuck as you realize that I am there, dreading the moment you ask me what I'm doing here you wrap me in your arms / and this is all that i could ever need i think as you breathe on my neck and you can fall asleep within me, i'll be inside of you too, and you wake i'll be asking myself just where do we go from here? i guess i'll just to wait and find out
Track Name: Noises II
Leave this house, it's not where you wanted to be, you're not with the trees or under the stars that you thought were home
Track Name: Paint the Walls
Well I was searching for some unfounded glory inside your ruffles I slipped fingers through your hair and you painted me into this graphic story but all the pigment in my skin just wasn't there and you dropped the brushes down and made such a mess upon the ground, and I left foot prints in your bedroom but in the state I left your bed you couldn't sleep and you built a prison just to give yourself some headroom but I left my bones and my skincells on the sheet but you didn't care for me then, at least not what I left behind and now you can sleep with the reeds around your bed but I regret nothing now, and so we'll wait for tides to fall and give us room to search for trinkets, well you were looking for seashells in the sand the darkness isn't so dark as you think it's all illuminated by the shimmering of your hands but you don't see anything now, but I wasn't much to see at all, and did you find anything you can write about? Because I regret nothing now, not even from my empty room which I couldn't make look as beautiful as yours because I have nothing now, I never found anything worth taking home, I don't even leave here, I just try to go to sleep / And oh I would give anything at all just for you to come back and for you to paint the walls and oh I would give everything I can just so I could solidify long enough to stand for myself so you could be comfortable / And I regret nothing now, not even if I die alone but would you even be there if I was on the floor? And I regret nothing now, and I hope you feel the same, I hope that you can find something anyway
Track Name: 220 Burnett St
No one sees the messages you've sprawled along the ground, another day the animals don't move, who could hear a thing when no one listens for the sound? Another night conditions don't improve, and you were feeling dangerous when you dressed and left your home, but when you returned you ate and went to bed

Somewhere some adventurer has set off from her home, what will she find before she wastes away? And on the chance you find her so she wanders not alone did you prepare and practice what to say? And what do you think you will see when you gaze on such a face? What designs could you expect within her head? And what entails the scenery within this foreign place and who could give a shit if you'll ever know such a feeling inside your chest before you are dead?

But I won't be there for very long and it's not your fault
Track Name: Acrophobic Birds
you're something hard to believe in you sit up there feathers rustling and you watch your species continuing on without you as you wiggle your beak over the ledge / and the statues down on the street wide-eyed are absent of their old friends, acid rain wears them down / and there's spikes along the edges of your home now and the cables on the bridges are too rusty to live on / and the children on the playground breaking bottles are cutting up the constants of the universe / and you stare down the horizon and calculate the distance you can reach, but the acid rain thinks you're a statue and god created it too stubbornly / it's hard to believe that you are just an error in the process of your replication but i don't really think it matters now / and the children on the playground breaking bottles and cutting up the constants of their arms and their legs / and you stare at the celestial sphere and try to calculate escape velocity, but you're too dumb to build a rocket and the acid rain is eating at your feet / it's hard to believe that you are just a natural rejection and there's nothing popular about your genes / i wish you could be with me, you couldn't really fly in a cage anyway but i really don't think you want to live there anyway i don't really think it matters now
Track Name: Sorry, Phil II
We could lay right here and stare at our faces, but you went home last night to find your bed. And now it's gone we threw it all away, can we hold on? It's really hard to say I just know that I'll think of you if you want me to. / Can we hold on? It's really hard to say. when will we know? When will we break away? Because I'm so cold in here. / I'll remember you when you want me to, and I'm sorry, Phil I tried to be like you, but it was dumb and now you're gone too. / When we set the sun we colored the sky with black paint for fun so there won't be another day that we let our bodies advance decay, we know we're both going downhill off a precipice but we both can't sit still, we let the sky float through our brains and talk about everything it retains and I know it's over / you're not making sense, you're letting your scarecrows grow too intense, you're just a child and there's still time for you to break out of your broken mind, so don't despair that you're awake, there's nothing too great for your bones to take / And I know there is air for you, there will come a time when you know it's true, we're just floating softly through a stream and there's nothing out there that you cannot dream so when the sky has turned to gray the twilight cannot outlast the day and you'll appear inside your room and I'll think of you if you want me to and we'll be okay